Building Enclosure Consulting

Quast Consulting and Testing, Inc. can provide a variety of consulting services to meet your needs. We can be limited to specific areas of quality control or have involvement from the design/development through contract close-out. Our consulting service estimate is prepared project specific with the below listed items as available scope options.


  • Review and design input regarding the following aspects of the wall design intent.
  • Cost considerations of the schematic/concept design details.
  • Evaluation of selected materials and finishes.
  • Selection of system types.
  • Water infiltration considerations, inclusive of primary and secondary defense lines and its drainage to the exterior.
  • Effects on wall systems due to building frame movements resulting from wind and/or seismic forces.
  • Consideration of building structure tolerances and drift.
  • Consideration of thermal movement requirements.
  • System attachments.
  • Sealant selection.
  • Environmental conditions (interior and exterior) that affect the performance of the exterior systems.
  • Consideration of acoustical requirements established by the Acoustical Consultant that effect the system.
  • Exterior wall maintenance and window washing equipment considerations.
  • Product data/literature.
  • Preliminary Performance design criteria.
  • Develop and prepare the technical performance specification for the applicable systems in a format agreed upon with the architect. The specification form is to be agreed upon before commencement of the specification development.
  • Review and comment on the technical performance specifications for the applicable systems.
  • Review and comment on the contract documents and assist on developing special details based on desired profiles.


  • Advise on potential contract bidders.
  • Finalize the performance specifications by incorporating the last changes.
  • Review and comment on the Architect’s construction drawings as they are developed.


  • Review and comment on the technical merit of bidder’s scope drawings, preliminary programs and bid proposals. Recommendations regarding the selection of a bidder will be included in the report.
  • Assist in answering technical questions from the bidders.
  • Assist in value engineering issues as it relates to the system.


  • Review and comment on material submittals and product data.
  • Review and comment on project shop drawings. Review up to two (2) complete and coordinated, not partial or phased, submissions.
  • Report documenting findings and observations.
  • Attend required air and water infiltration tests and provide a written follow-up report.
  • Attend onsite meetings to discuss curtainwall system design issues and observe the wall installation.
  • Observe onsite field-testing and supply follow-up written documentation.


  • Verify completeness of all exterior wall submittals.
  • Verify completeness of exterior wall “as-built”, warranties and maintenance manuals.
  • Provide “as-built” summary report identifying pertinent observations affecting the function, maintenance and/or life of the structure.

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