Forensic Investigation

Forensic/Diagnostic Investigation

Quast Consulting and Testing, Inc. (QCT) specializes in forensic/diagnostic field investigation and follow up repair recommendations for failed building enclosures. These failures can range from air and/or water infiltration to condensation issues, and construction defects.

QCT will complete onsite testing and investigation to locate and identify the source of the problem. A report with in depth descriptions and repair recommendations is assembled and submitted to the client. This report will fully describe the problem and the recommendations to correct the failure. We prefer an in-person meeting with the client to closely review the report, explain the problem in terms that everyone understands and walk through our recommendations. We always suggest a small area of remedial repair work to be completed and tested to confirm the corrections, prior to full scale repairs.

In many cases, our service will include the project management associated with the necessary repairs for the project. These can include any or all of the following:

  • Budget Pricing
  • Completion of Contract Documents for Bidding Purposes
  • Solicitation of Bids
  • Overseeing of Repairs
  • Follow-up Testing
  • Project Management/Coordination
  • Contract Close-outs/Warranties, etc.
  • Final “As Built” Report

QCT looks at the entire exterior envelope to evaluate the interface of the exterior wall components/substrates, from the ground elevation to the roof interface. Most often we find the failures are at the interface of different substrates, rather than the individual components.

Please contact QCT for further information, references and project-specific cost estimates for the initial field testing, investigation and reporting.

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