Rainscreen Design Principles

Quast Consulting and Testing, Inc (QCT) has in-depth knowledge of the Rainscreen design principles. A Rainscreen design with exterior applied insulation is one of the healthiest, efficient and long-lasting wall assemblies.

Air and vapor movement through a wall assembly reduces the efficiency of the wall, allows for reduced R-value and increased potential for condensation within the wall assembly.

With an uninterrupted exterior applied insulation you can realize the full value of the insulation. The R-value of insulation in a steel stud cavity is reduced by up to 40%.

A wall assembly dew point is typically in the insulation. The exterior applied insulation in a Rainscreen wall cavity is well ventilated and weeped, which reduces the occurrences of condensation and also allows the quick evacuation of any moisture and/or condensation.

Weathering line interfaces are key to a successful wall assembly.

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