Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota & United Hospital

The Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota & United Hospital is a six-story addition to the original facility in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. The exterior skin consists of aluminum composite panels, zinc panels, brick veneer and curtainwall. The exterior envelope employs the back ventilated, pressure equalized Rainscreen design. In such the exterior sheathing received a spray applied air, water, vapor barrier material that virtually stops all air and vapor movement through the wall assembly. The openings were treated with a sheet good membrane called detail strips, which assure proper interfacing of the adjacent components such as the curtainwall to the membrane. The curtainwall as a dual line of sealant with the primary sealant line sealed to the air water vapor barrier material. The brick and/or panel cavities have exterior applied insulation which allows for full insulation value, complete insulation without the interruption of steel studs. The cavity is ventilated and allows air circulation to quickly evacuate any rainwater entry or condensation forming within the cavity. This is one of the healthiest wall atmospheres in construction today and is a long-term maintenance-free wall assembly.

Contract document review and working with the design team to assure proper interfacing; submittal drawing and product data reviews, site inspections with reports/recommendations
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